Building your Esbriet routine

Starting right and staying strong on treatment

As you begin taking Esbriet® (pirfenidone), you may find that you need to make small changes to your usual routines. Try these helpful suggestions for how to build good habits.

Setting good habits can help you start strong and continue with your treatment as prescribed. You can also download and use the Tracking Your Journey journal to help you stay on top of your IPF treatment.

Building good habits

Establishing a new habit as part of your routine, such as remembering to take your Esbriet as directed by your doctor, may take time. Here are some tips to help you build good habits so you can start and stay strong on treatment:

Building your Esbriet routine

For more help with starting and staying on treatment, check out these downloadable resources >

Important things to keep in mind when starting Esbriet

  • IPF is progressive, so slowing its decline can be an important goal of treatment
  • Starting and staying on Esbriet treatment as prescribed by your doctor can be an important way to help preserve more of the lung function you have today by slowing disease progression
  • Once you begin taking Esbriet, you may not “feel” different, because Esbriet does not treat the symptoms of IPF and does not reverse the scarring in your lungs
  • IPF worsens at different rates in different people. With or without Esbriet, lung function may continue to decline. Remember, the goal is to slow the decline. Your doctor will conduct lung function tests to measure how IPF is affecting your lungs over time
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