Esbriet® (pirfenidone) may help preserve more of your lung function by slowing disease progression

Although lung function that is lost cannot be restored, treatment may help maintain more of your lung function by slowing the progression of the disease.

  • In a 1-year clinical study, people who took Esbriet had better breathing capacity compared to those who did not take Esbriet (193 mL difference in forced vital capacity)
Less decline in FVC Volume for People Taking Esbriet
  • More than twice as many people who took Esbriet had stable lung function (23%) compared to those who did not take Esbriet (10%) at 1 year

How lung function was measured

In the clinical studies, the effect of Esbriet on lung function (how well the lungs work) was measured by forced vital capacity (FVC). FVC measures the amount of air you can exhale with force after you inhale as deeply as possible.

Key facts about Esbriet

  • Esbriet was FDA approved based on 3 clinical studies that evaluated its safety and how well it worked
  • Esbriet is proven to help preserve lung function for some people with IPF
  • Esbriet may cause serious side effects
  • Esbriet has been used in more than 42,000 patients worldwide

Important things to keep in mind with IPF treatment

  • IPF is progressive, so slowing its decline can be an important goal of treatment
  • Starting and staying on Esbriet treatment as prescribed by your doctor can be an important way to help preserve more of the lung function you have today by slowing disease progression
  • Once you begin taking Esbriet, you may not “feel” different, because Esbriet does not treat the symptoms of IPF and does not reverse the scarring in your lungs
  • IPF worsens at different rates in different people. With or without Esbriet, lung function may continue to decline. Remember, the goal is to slow the decline. Your doctor will conduct lung function tests to measure how IPF is affecting your lungs over time

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